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10 Week Weight Loss Programme – Blog Two

The 10 Weeks Weight Loss Plan – Blog 2 – …  

Hi guys,

Sorry its been an extra week in writing this, we have been manic here adding 50 new products to our range including the new ‘Industrial Burn PM’ a first in its kind and exclusive only to ProMuscle a ‘Bed Time Fatburner’! Ok that’s the only plug but I am super excited about this product!

Ok so lets get on with it now so I hear you say!=]

After my first week of cardio I felt good and was ready to rock and roll with some resistance training. My plan for the week would be to do three resistance workouts Mon/Wed/Fri and do cardio straight mon-fri and after my resistance training. ProMuscle sponsored Mr G casino so I swapped my Fri resistance session to Thursday and did cardio Friday AM instead.

45 min Cardio was tough powerwalking on the teadmill after doing nothing for a while was quite a chore.The constant thoughts of wanting to hit the red button and jump in the pool were there throughout the first two days but I soon felt a sense of purpose and reason for why I was again putting my body through all this once more. “YOU JUST HAVE TO DO IT KIRK”, was my soliloquy repeating itself in my head over and over again!

So here is my training plan:

Mon – Chest / Shoulders / Cardio
Tue – Cardio
Wed / Legs / Cardio
Thu- Back / Cardio
Fri / Cardio

I have left a day off resistance training between workouts to rest my body and to not put too much stress on my central nervous system. Some of you hardcore gym goers will be asking why I have not included any arm training into my workouts and that is mainly due to me using arms as secondary mover in Chest/ Shoulders and Back training and also, being honest, am still a little scared about isolating the biceps too much as it is so soon after my blood clot. (Weak I no)!

I am training using mostly basic compound movements using high reps (12reps) on upperbody (15reps) on lowerbody to ease back into training. I always drink around 1.5l of water whilst training as its important to keep hydrated.

Once My muscles are warm I will stretch the bodypart am training whilst I am resting between every set. This will help relax the tendons and release the muscle back to its orignial length. If you imagine a bicep curl for example: when contracting your bicep whilst doing a curl the blood fills the muscle and the muscle shortens with each contraction to bring each end together. This puts alot of stress on the tendons. By not streching the muscle back out the tendons over time loose a good blood flow and become brittle resulting in a tear, or worse, a full detachement like I got in my pectoral major back in 2008! So remember dont strectch cold and try and do it between sets.

I am continuing through with this plan for the next 4 weeks then will start splitting bodyparts up more and changing my exercises, reps and sets.

Chest – Incline DB Flies 3 sets
Incline Bench Press 3 Sets
Seated Machine Press 3 Sets

Shoulders – Seated DB Press 3 Sets
Lateral Raise 3 Sets
Upright Rows Barbell 3 Sets

AS you can see here nothing out of the ordinary just getting basic feel of the weights again. Let me tell you my chest and shoulders were sore on Wednesday! Its funny how time away from the gym leaves you broken a few days after your first workout I felt like a newbie!

Legs – Leg extension 3 Sets
Leg Press 3 Sets
Hamstring curls 3 Sets
Calf Raises 3 Sets

Legs, one of my favourite workouts, was tough as I love pushing heavy but using the 15rep range gave me the burn I was looking for and the bright red face afterwards proving my exertion. There is nothing like finishing that last set and sitting down and looking at your legs visibly unhappy with you but feeling a sense of achievement. This Day was a Win.

The next day,Thursday, as a result of my body repairing and feeling extremely fragile however was not a WIN! With sore arms and sore legs I proceeded to finish off this workout but the strength and inensity I normally like to use was slightly amiss but hey ho I got it done.

Back – Lat Pull Down 3 Sets
Bent forward Barbell Rows 3 Sets
Seated Cable Cows 3 Sets
Db Pull Overs 3 Sets

Friday was cardio in the morning and then a wind down weekend was just what the doctor ordered. The MR G Casino Grand final was a huge success a big well done to all the event co-ordinators and all who attended. Jill the area Manager and the free drinks vouchers did wonders for my pain relief but nothing for my head come saturday morning. Sunday I ate normally most of the day and had my favourite chinese as a blow out meal.

This week has started well, the organisation of my food is becoming more normal and my training so far has been a slight improvement on last week as far as strength and fitness goes.

I have lost 7 pounds as of yesterday which goes to show that you can enjoy yourself when your training just moderate the amount of times you cheat and DRINK! I am signing off for now and will be updating you guys soon with some training tips. Any questions message me on here or my facebook page.

Stay healthy.