BC-X1 10:1:1 – Alphaform Labs (30 servings)

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BC-X1 – Alphaform Labs (30 servings)

Alphaform’s brand new BCAA really breaks the mould in true alpha-form fashion.

Containing a 10:1:1 ratio with L-Glutamine, Viatmins and Join Formula

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BC-X1 – Alphaform Labs (30 servings)


Alphaform’s brand new BCAA really breaks the mould in true alpha-form fashion.

This product has such a complete formula that it covers everything
your body could possibly need from a BCAA and more. With a huge 10:1:1
ratio it give’s your body an abundance of the crucial amino acid’s for
building muscle such as Leucine and Isoleucine! We have also thrown in
200mg of vitamin C due to it being a powerful antioxidant and crucial
when repairing connective tissue, something not regularly found in the
run of the mill BCAA’s. To cap this phenomenal product off we
have also formulated in 125mcg of Vitamin B12 which is fantastic at
keeping your body from tiring by revitalizing the nervous system and
red blood cells.

Your body can really benefit from a well rounded BCAA, which Alphaform Labs
have taken great pride in making available for the consumer. Things
like high levels of L-Glutamine (the most abundant amino acid found in
the body) for instance have been proven to have huge amounts of muscle
growing benefits such as improved digestion, and also in times of
caloric restriction L- Glutamine provides a great fuel source to keep
your body repairing and most importantly increase anabolism. One of
the most important of these brilliant ingredients has to be the Beta
Alanine, with its ability to allow the body to produce more carnosine,
it restricts the amount of acid build up in the muscular structure,
equating to a shorter recovery time and less aches and pains the next

There are very few products as well rounded and high quality as
alphaforms BC-X1 on today’s supplement market, To feed your body with
what it needs is crucial, but to go beyond that and give it what it
wants… is when the real result’s start to hit home.


Net Weight: 360g
Serving size 1 scoop (12g) Servings Per Container:30
                                Per serving     Daily value%

Calories                      0kj/0kj             *

Fat                                   0g                 *
Carbohydrates              0g                  *

BCAA 10:1:1                  6g                 *

L glutamine                   1.5g               *

NAC                             100mg            *

L Carnatine                  100mg             *

Beta Alanine                 500mg            *

Vit C                            200mg        333%

Vit B6                             2mg         100%

Vit B12                         125mcg       2083%

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